Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 7 - The Heart Melting Moments

Much of my writing about parenthood tends to center around the challenges and ignore a lot of the rewards. This week, Meghan came up with a topic that forces us to focus on the magic - we're writing about the heart-melting moments!

I really wish I'd written down more during Reese's first year so I'd have more from which to draw, but I didn't. So I'll have to draw from memory. 

I love reading to Reese. He sits in my lap and points at the pictures and occasionally babbles. He is a very good helper and turns the pages at just the right times. Sometimes he gets a little over zealous and starts turning them quickly so Mama starts pointing to the words hoping to distract him. Now that he's mobile, we have much less time together where he is just cuddling with me so I REALLY cherish these times. During our story time, I also make sure to sneak in lots of kisses on those meaty cheeks of his because they're just so kissable. 

I love when Reese first wakes up in the morning.  When we hear him cooing in his crib, his dad and I go in to see him and he's usually standing by the rail waiting for us. He gets the BIGGEST smile on his face and he looks sooooo sleepy. He's in such a good mood in the mornings! And he doesn't fight me too much when I smother him in kisses. 

When we're riding in the car, Reese likes to serenade me. He has such a beautiful voice and makes the cuuuuuutest noises! I just love hearing his babble. We have a mirror set up so we can see him and he can see us. Sometimes he gets so involved in his playing and looking out the window that it's like he forgets we're there. So I look back at him in the mirror and say, "Pssst!" and he looks at me like he hasn't seen me in months, smiles SO big, and giggles that sweet giggle. Heart melts. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when this boy claps. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! I'll sing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" and Reese claps right along. He's very deliberate in his movements and keeps his hands together between claps. His hands are just so tiny and perfectly formed. Everything he does is just so precious!

BATH TIME! This is probably the thing I will miss the most about being a mom of an infant. From the day we brought him home from the hospital, bath time was always something enjoyable the 3 of us could do together. Reese LOVES his baths! In the first few months when we battled colic symptoms and sleep deprivation baths were our salvation since they were almost guaranteed to put him in a good mood. Now that he's a bit older and more interactive, he splashes and plays and giggles like nobody's business. He is BUSY in those baths! Sometimes we'll play a light game of tug of war over the wash cloth - that's probably his favorite thing to do. He will sit there and splash for hours if we'd let him. But since his skin is pretty sensitive, we limit bath time to around 10-15 minutes. 

ANYTHING to do with his feet. I kiss them constantly. I act like I'm smelling them and jump back, astounded at how bad they stink (Reese thinks this is extra hilarious). I take tons of pictures of them even though none do the feet any justice.  They are just so darn CUTE!

And a few miscellaneous things that melt my heart:
-The look on his face when he's examining a new object. 
-How excited he gets when he sees a banana. 
-His sweet laugh when I blow raspberries on his belly. 
-Watching him and his dad chase each other around the nursery. 

I could go on… and I might write some more later or edit this post. But I'll end now so my heart doesn't explode with love. :)

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